Mini Greenhouse

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  • New, Mini, Portable Greenhouse 
  • Grow your own food, flowers and plants 
  • Heat Preservation & Rain-proof 
  • Six (6) styles to choose from
  • Model Number: GH-04
  • Material: PE+PVC
  • Support material: Steel pipe(surface oxide spray treatment)
  • Cover material: Transparent PVC,green PE,white PE
  • Size S: 143x73x195CM
  • Size L: 143x143x195CM
  • Great Gift to everyone on your list 
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  • Learn how growing your own food can improve your physical and mental health, as well as the health of the environment.
  • Growing your own produce is a simple solution to numerous health, environmental, and economic problems. 
  • By growing your own garden, you are the one to decide what goes on your plants and into your soil, allowing you to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals polluting our environment and waterways. Organically growing your own food is sustainable and nourishes your soil by using safe and natural fertilizers and products.
  • Save money on groceries. One of the benefits of enjoying garden vegetables is a reduced monthly food bill.
  • Gardening is a natural stress reliever.
  • Growing and harvesting food from your backyard garden ensures you know where your food came from. 
  • Tending to your garden and growing your own food will teach you to eat in season when flavors and nutrients are at peak. When you have a lot of harvests to use up, you tend to eat more vegetables and think of creative ways to prepare them so nothing goes to waste. Since they are harvested fresh, the natural flavors of the vegetables shine and do not need additional oils, salt, or other additives to make them taste good.
  • Planting a seed, watching it sprout and grow to produce food for you, and your family is one of the most gratifying feelings. Sure, many of us work hard to earn a living and provide for our family, but the close association of this simple effort and direct reward is fulfilling.

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